In an endeavor to help the students to excel in this art and realize the true benefits of music and dance, special attention is paid for all round development of each and every student at each Kala Kendra.


Attention is paid to the learning of students through balanced course design and regular monitoring


Performing artists of repute are invited for workshops and lecture demonstrations to familiarize students with the finer intricacies of this art.

  Balanced exposure to theory and practical, monitoring the progress of every student is done on regular basis. Management Committee members regularly visit Music Centres to assess and review their functioning and growth of students.   In one such workshop, famous Odissi Dancer and Kathak exponent, Padma Vibhushan Ms. Sonal Mansingh visited the Kala Kendra at Faridabad to familiarize the students with various intricacies of dance.

Special attention is paid to building of self, which plays a critical role in development of habits and character of an individual


Familiarising with technology, digital audio recording and editing programmes are some of the powerful tools used.

  Special classes are conducted for the students to help them understand and learn moral values through this art.   State-of-the-art sound recording studio equipped with latest technology is available to students who want to compose their own music.

Live performances through live music events helps build teamwork and confidence .


It is important to connect with diversity of students sitting in one class.

  We not only expose students to a variety of music and live events but also get them into the habit of supporting their fellow musicians - just as one hopes others to support them.   We develop and implement age-appropriate teaching strategies through use of appropriate materials.