Satyug Darshan Trust (Regd.) is an expanded transformation of 'Mahabir Satsang Sabha', which originated in a small town called Gojra Mandi, District Layalpur, situated now in Pakistan, in the form of daily 'Satsang'. After the partition of the country in 1947, the followers of 'Mahabir Satsang Sabha', who were spread all over the northern India and later in other parts of the world started 'Satsang' at their homes. This continued till 1995 when Satyug Darshan Trust was founded and registered as a Public Trust on 12th July, 1995 with the objective of alleviating physical, mental and spiritual sufferings of humanity. Since its inception, Trust has undertaken various activities to fulfill its charter which is to infuse consciousness, fraternity and love for humanity by all possible means.

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It is universally acknowledged that nature has divided the eternal time into four eras (YUGAS) i.e. 'Satyug', 'Tretayug', 'Dwaparyug' and 'Kalyug'. The present era is Kalyug. As per the laws of nature, 'Satyug' - The Golden Era, is definite to follow 'Kalyug'. It therefore, becomes necessary that all of us enlighten ourselves about the approaching time i.e. 'Satyug', so that we are mentally geared up for this impending change and become competent to mould ourselves accordingly.

The establishment of Satyug Darshan Trust (Regd.) is a step in this direction for realization of such natural objective.

Music is the art of expression in sound, melody and harmony, including both composition and execution. It is the art of instrumental performance as distinct from singing. Singing is an art to utter melodious sound in musical succession in articulating words. Similarly dancing is to move rhythmically, especially to music. Here lies the importance of music. Besides music being the universal language of mankind, it is also the medicine of the mind. In turn healthy and balanced state-of-mind enables a person to firmly uphold the virtues like contentment, endurance, truthfulness and righteousness, most essential for universal peace and harmony. Therefore, music is said to be the mediator between spiritual and sensual life.

Further music expresses that cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. It is the poetry of air all around us. Know the world is full of it and one simply takes as much as one requires. It expresses feeling and thought without language, it is below and before speech and it is above and beyond all words. Remember when words leave off, music begins that is why it is called as the literature of the heart.

It can engender fury, tender love, with unsuspected eloquence can move and manage all beings with secret art. That is why it provides the kinds of pleasure which human nature can not do without. Music once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies. We can therefore say that is washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life. Therefore remember that without music life would be a mistake. To scare away your woes of life, learn to play the music skillfully.

To become expert in this art and in real terms, come and join any of the courses listed. The admission to fill limited seats is strictly on “first come first serve basis.”