Hobby Courses

In view of the overwhelming response and requests received from the masses, special training/hobby courses have been included in the curriculum of all the Kala Kendras from session 2006-2007.

These courses are designed to provide flexibility to the students and individuals from society from all age groups by way of joining the course any time of the year and explore their aptitude in all streams of music and dance by way of sheer practice. Courses offered are:

Vocal Music Instrumental Dance
• Semi Classical
• Light Music, Bhajan, Kirtan and Geet
• Choral music with folk style

• Harmonium
• Guitar (Spanish)
• Bongo / Congo
• Drum-set
• Mouth Organ
• Folk Dance


Anyone over 5 years of age is eligible to apply for these hobby courses.

Fees for Hobby Courses

Admission + Registration Fees :    Rs. 500/- per course for 6 months
Tuition Fees :    Starting from Rs. 500/- per month