Aims of Satyug Darshan Sangeet Kala Kendra

(a) To impart such training so that the students not only become perfect in music and dance, but also acquire superior spiritual ability to adopt and skillfully convey the message of God to the world which is the practice of Equanimity and Even-sightedness
(b) To use the art of music to lead the society towards 'Satyug - the Golden Era', in a more meaningful and effective manner
(c) To impart spiritual, aesthetic, sensual and emotional satisfaction by way of Music and Dance as its prime purpose
(d) To train and mould students to achieve a level of excellence in music like that of Satyugians guided by virtues of Equanimity and Even-sightedness like contentment, endurance, truthfulness and righteousness
(e) Through the practice of music and dance, help human beings attain and maintain strong cultural and moral values like purity and nobleness in their thought, speech and action such that they remain benevolent and disciplined throughout their lives
(f) To treat the Music as the finest and most efficacious of Sadhanas and help students use the power of music to open the window of the soul to always help them keep their mind in a balanced state i.e Sam-bhaav
(g) To initiate research work and collaborate with other institutions as and when required in the subject matter to further strengthen the importance of the art of Music
(h) To use music as an influential and effective medium to alleviate physical, mental and spiritual sufferings of humanity and to check the deterioration of the society by all possible means through education, training and various programmes or otherwise
(i) To conduct seminars and organize exhibitions, workshops and courses, festivals and road shows etc. for the purpose of spreading the message of God to practice Equanimity and Even-sightedness and awakening the society to the importance of the art of music and dance in shaping the values, morals and character of beings
(j) To help students understand the importance of music as a therapy and thus to integrate good physical health along with the social and moral development with the help of music and dance
(k) To provide the congenial and suitable environment to develop the qualities like positive thinking, problem solving, patience, equality, contentment and truthfulness along with 'serve the society' approach in the general masses